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Wednesday June 26 2019 
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Spring 2019

Goofball Captains  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Silverman's Rangers1350.7222272079
Garber's Grasshoppers1250.7062511648
Alford's Iron Pigs1250.7062191346
Miller's Mariners1070.5882322265
Brumley's Braves1080.5562121736
Buhrow's Baby Jays1070.5882061976
Runey's Dodgers890.4711882245
Schnitzer's Cubs7110.3892092104
Haas' Bulls4130.2351872352
Ortega's Cardinals2150.1181422802
Handsome Captains  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Williams’ Diamondbacks1440.7782561758
Samsel's Rail Riders1250.7062231497
Niswonger's Lugnuts1250.7062231678
Lachman's Royals1080.5562111946
Eusay's Astros980.5291841787
Goldstein's Muckdogs990.5001781818
Weinfeld's Pirates7110.3892062684
Roth's Indians6110.3531862102
Unell's Yard Goats5120.2941392152
Rakofsky's Red Sox2160.1111522442
Minor Leagues  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Subs 1000.000000

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